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Default T206 REFERENCE...How do you collect T206's: Graded or Ungraded ? us your cards

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Originally Posted by RCMcKenzie View Post
70/74 of AB460 is a great run so far. Good luck finding the last 4...Here are a couple from this series, an ex12 Devore and a Fred Payne... I don't really know why they are labeling the Chance batting trimmed. Looks okay to me.

Hi Rob

It's futile to try and understood why PSA grades AB 460 cards as "trimmed". And DITTO for SGC....when I acquired this Jennings card (circa 2012)
it had been graded an "A". And, that was just fine with me, as it was A-ffordable.


I cracked it open and submitted it back to SGC, and this time it came back a "60". So, both of these two TPG's really don't know how to grade
these AB 460 cards.


I just returned home from the National. The Chicago Show is always absolutely the best. I had a good Show, sold a lot of cards, including several
T206 Red HINDU cards.

However, the highlight of the Show for me was all you Net54 guys who stopped by to have some really interesting T206 discussions.

Thanks, Guys

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