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All my very humble opinion, and coming from an England supporter who has been tortured often on the international scene, but......

Messi is a wonderful player. Greatest of all time? Not by a long shot. When he leads an Argentinian team to a World Cup championship then maybe he can be put in front of Maradona, and it pains me to even type that last name.

As far as the "Greatest of All Time" idea, that's a lot of fun to kick around but is there really any answer? Reminds me of horseracing - every year at least two or three trainers and/or jockeys claim this or that horse is the "best I've ever ridden" or "the best I've ever trained". It gets old after a while.

Football is a sport with a long and storied history. Even selecting a top one hundred would force someone to leave out too many great players.

Certainly wouldn't mind seeing Messi in a Southampton kit though.
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