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More times than not you lose on crossover from SGC to PSA. Not to say I haven't had some make it, but its rare. You stand a better chance at crack and re-submit, but its a gutsy move - only try with high end for the grade SGC.

Pay a little lower for SGC to begin with, be happy with the lower price, keep it in the SGC slab. Always try to look for high end for the grade SGC. Steer clear of low end for the grade anything SGC or PSA.

Recently I have picked up a few good looking SGC 86's with better than average centering and very strong sharp corners. I may crack and send to PSA when the time strikes me, but they are under $200. cards. If they get a PSA 7, that will be ok, but decent chance of PSA 7.5 or even 8.

I have always wondered - does PSA keep pictures of SGC crossover attempts for their future records? I bet a given card may have been tried multiple times. Or not? Any luck from anyone on the second crossover attempt?
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