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Originally Posted by tedzan View Post
Situations like this with USPS can be very frustrating.

However, the best solution to avoiding them (or significantly minimizing them) in the future is to rent a PO Box.

I have had a PO Box mailing address for all my collectibles since 1969. And, I can tell you for a fact that I have never had any problems with USPS in 47 years.

Nowadays, Box rental fees vary from $60 to $100 per year, depending on the size of the Box. This is a really small price to pay in order to have peace of mind.

Oh, one more piece of advice here......try to find a small branch PO near your residence. Believe me, in most cases you will experience friendly personal service
from the postal employee(s) at these branch offices.

I can't agree with this advice any more. I moved from the city, past the burbs, and straight to the country after my father passed five years ago and the difference in service is night and day. Not that the metro PO was bad, but things went missing, lines were long, and shipping/receiving was just a hassle. Here I purchased a PO box at a small (two employee branch) and it has just been amazing. The two ladies know me and they know what I collect. They make sure everything is handled correctly. If I need stamps I leave cash and note a note in my box and they're there the next day. After two years of receiving numerous packages weekly they offered me the largest box they offered for a discounted rate (they had several open). My wife and I now have three boxes with the branch, but use only one address. If it's to my wife or her business it goes to one, to me another, and any packages to either of us are placed in the large box. Unless the package is twice the size of a shoe box, I never have to wait to receive it.
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