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Hey Fred!

Soul brothers we are! Thanks for sharing the ad - that is some good info! Thompson/Mays/Burgess/???? might round out the official list of WS related trophies. I have seen the Mays and the Hank Thompson on occasion, but hadn't seen a Burgess, and have not seen a pitcher. My Thompson has a different inscription, no mention of the phantom Giants!

I did see that red Newcombe figure a while back, and really wasn't sure what to make of it, to be honest. Probably no way of ever knowing its origin 60 years on, but maybe more like it will turn up.

I have included a pic of another contract to show the contract language. The person I picked up the contracts from also had some of the figures in small boxes that he believed were used to distribute some of these figures individually. That would have obviously been different than the retail rubber banded figure card combo. Maybe the Gould company kept them in these boxes, or maybe they were shipped to the store in the small boxes where they were then removed for sale. The boxes look vintage and are perfect size for a figure with a card. Another mystery.

Happy collecting!
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