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Originally Posted by whiteymet View Post
Hi Marty:

GREAT looking display. You and I are soul brothers with the figurals! I started on the Goulds, Big League and Tastee Freez about a year ago. Still looking for a few.

Namely Gould Kluzewski and Zernial and Big League Replacements for Hodges and Snider.

Below are a few oddball things and an ad from Walgreens in Chicago from September 24, 1959 I found researching something else I will be posting about later.

First the ad. As you will read they sold four "generic" golden Gould's, a catcher, pitcher, fielder and batter on an ivory base. Strange the ad says the statues are "golden" while Marty's and the Mays and Thompson below are chrome/silver. Marty, what does the plaque say on yours? The reason I ask about the plaque is because if you look at one of the photos below the plaque on the Thompson says:

Souvenir 1959 World Series Chicago vs. SAN FRANCISCO.

Of course the White Sox played the Dodgers in the Series. Strangely the plaque in the ad states: Chicago White Sox American League Champs 1959. So I wonder if there are different plaques?

You will also see a chrome/silver Mays on an ivory base with no plaque, neither the Thompson or Mays has the players name on the base.

So it appears the Walgreen generic catcher is the Burgess, the batter is Mays, the fielder is Thompson. Now we have to find a pitcher on the ivory base to see which pitcher they used.

Others shown are a chrome/silver Ashburn with name atop a brown base with the plaque engraved " St. Columba 1961", a solid red (???) Porterfield no name, a gold Ashburn with his name.

Hopefully others can add info on these.

OMG, those prices!

As a Giants collector, I love the Giants faux pas.
if you can help with SF Giants items (no cards), let me send you my wantlist!
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