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While I empathize with your situation and hope you can come up with a mutually beneficial solution - I will play devil's advocate for a moment:

Yes, the card in the first scan looks much better than the photo you took, but I also think it is possible this was someone using an iPhone's "enhance" feature on the photo to make the color pop. That may be dishonest, or it may be a mistake, hard to say. In some respects though I cannot blame the seller for being dug in. They represented it as a 6, and it is a 6.

Don't get me wrong I would be ticked too, and it clearly looks like that print line issue at the level above Ted's brow was doctored or something. I'm not sure if just an auto-enhance of a photo can do that or not - but that may be your leg to stand on. I do think you are going to be lucky if eBay sides with you. Most graded cards are what they are, and unless the slab is damaged or something - I can see them buying the argument that a PSA 6 is a PSA 6. This is why for high dollar items especially, you need to find sellers that have decent return policies. Hopefully if it does not go your way, you can recoup most of your money in a sale. Don't use that first scan again though...:-(
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