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My story isn't overly interesting. I started collecting the monster in June of 2013 while on vacation in Destin, Florida. I bought a Tim Jordan batting PSA 3 from PWCC. Paid $26. I basically bought anything I felt was a good price for the condition and then started buying lots to help knock off the needed list. Condition varied.

Last card I bought to get to 520 was a Cobb red portrait with an Old Mill back. It's a PSA 2mk with a stamp on the back. Beautiful card for the grade.

Since then I've been upgrading my set when I find good deals.

Also, back in 2014, I won about 15 EPDGs that were individually listed auctions from JustCollect. Either they or their consignors had purchased a large EPDG lot from REA and was breaking it up. I sat on those until the fall of 2015 and decided to try to get to 100 EPDGs. Then it became 200 EPDGs. Not sure how far I will go but I currently am at 217 unique ones. I need to update my collage, 3 more need to be added.....apologies on the size of the picture if it skews the screen. I've only added about 5 this year. Been tough finding ones I need. Condition varies from trimmed sides and top to highest graded examples.....Lindaman SGC 70, Fiene throwing PSA 6, and my favorite Frank Smith PSA 6. Don't have any of the biggest HOFers, and probably won't end up buying those, but am happy I've gotten this far. Gonna have to sell them off at some point.

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