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Originally Posted by mybuddyinc View Post
I don't handle that many T205s, due to my T206 addiction ......

With T206s, WSTs are seen every once in awhile, especially with Tolstois, of course.

I got this T205 Lord with a lot of T206s. It has a light WST. It's of Lord. Also, on back, the remnants of his blue jersey is slightly seen.

Does this occur often, say relative to T206s ??

Attachment 312516

Attachment 312517

If you have any, love to see them .....

Thanks, Scott

Scott the WST on a 205 is not as common as one would think. I have noted that the T205 Latham with a HLC back has the bio WST on every example under the picture of Latham. Looks like your example has the bio under picture also.
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