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Nice ticket! I'll tell you a funny story. My daughter works for an airline so I get to fly standby. Earlier this year I saw that Reggie was signing in San Francisco. Flying standby is a nightmare on a Saturday. To ensure I got there I went to the airport at 5 am with my bat and ticket in hand. TSA told me that I could check the bat with the stewards as long as it was in a cardboard tube. I waited in the security line for an hour only to be told I would have to check the bat as luggage. I missed flight #1. I then waited to check it for another hour and missed flight #2. Once I got to the agent they told me that there were 4 people on standby ahead of me. This meant after I checked the bat if I was bumped from the flight I had voluntarily separated from my luggage. If this happened the bat would arrive without me. I rolled the dice and was bumped from flight #3. If I missed flight #4 I would not be able to get to Frisco until the following day with no guarantees on the security of my bat. I sweated bullets for 2 hours but lucked into a seat on flight #4. I landed sprinted to the kiosk and found my bat with unclaimed luggage. I had 1 hour to get an uber to the signing and then still had to purchase my autograph tickets. I was frantic. I got dropped off with 30 minutes left in the signing period. I ran to the door only to discover I had arrived a week early. Needless to say my ticket and bat remain naked without an autograph as I couldn't deal with that level of stress two weeks in a row.
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