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Originally Posted by Scott Garner View Post
Here is a cool pickup that I scored tonight on eBay related to Johnny Vander Meer's baseball stint in the Navy:

An original program to the game played on August 13, 1944 between The US Naval Training Center (Sampson, NY) vs. Laconing Aviation of Williamsport, PA.
Apparently Lyconing got smoked 14-1 in this one.
If you look at Vandy's team roster, it obviously stacked with a several MLB players.
Sampson was apparently undefeated to other 22 other baseball teams that included the Cleveland Indians, Boston Braves, Boston Red Sox and Vandy's former ML Cincinnati Reds team.
I can't imagine that many of these scorebooks survived WWII.

This is a great complimentary piece to other items that I own related to Vandy's stint at Sampson. I also included my favorite other piece from this era.
A signed photo of Vandy's entire basic training class (Company 347) at Sampson in March of 1944.
That Vandy pic is incredible!!
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