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Originally Posted by hcv123 View Post
This was the event of a lifetime for me - Diehard Clemente collector for almost 30 years. I played and prayed to hit the lottery prior to the auction, but alas it was not to be. Oh to have had a shot at one of those world series rings or the 1960 World Series Uniform. I was in front of my computer from 12-just past 6 following every lot. I was on the phone trying to win my piece of the collection for many. While I agree most of the prices were strong, there were plenty of items that sold within or slightly below the estimates - of course the lots I really hoped to win blew the estimates away (including the gold medal presented to Clemente by the governor of Puerto Rico (underbidder), a twice signed motor vehicle document from 1954 (underbidder) and a presentation sterling vase given to Clemente by his fellow players in honor of his 3000th hit (not even close). I must have been underbidder on at least 12-21 lots. When the dust settled I won a few:

July 25 1970 Roberto Clemente Night resolution from the Puerto Rican House of Representatives
1965 copy of his contract
Winter league lot including programs with Clemente photo content
group of magazines including a couple from Puerto Rico
Man of the year Presentation platter and program
1954 Learners permit see images

Happy to have been able to participate. A few of the lots (and there were quite a few) that blew me away were:

1) 1967 Silver bat - $420,000+BP - highest price in the auction - still shaking my head - could someone explain a rationale that makes this more valuable than either world series ring, the 1960 world series uniform or the 1964 silver bat (260k+BP)
2) 1960 World series press pin - $5,000!!
3) Clemente used shower shoes - $1600
Congrats on all of your pickups in this epic Clemente auction.
You snagged a few really nice pieces. Awesome!
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