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Originally Posted by JollyElm View Post
Hey, Bobby, a couple of questions for you:

1. What is the cut-off date to be included in this?
2. You said shipping is $1. That's to get the cards from you to PSA, correct? What about the return shipping to get the graded cards from your hands back into ours?
3. This always comes up, but when there is a $100 limit, how in heck is that determined? What is the basis for it? For instance, I have a few variations that I would like to get graded, but how do I determine what their 'value' is, especially if you can't find any sort of sales history? Could people PM you a list of cards they are going to include, so you can decide if they fit the parameters of this project?

Thank you.

The $1 per card is for shipping from NC to California, and from California back to NC. You are responsible for individual shipping back to yourself, once they come back, but it is a fair shipping value, as I don't gouge at all like PSA does. I ship using actual cost (or as close to it as I can....I may charge .25 for packing peanuts or something, but when I tell people a total, that is pretty much what it cost to ship the package. - You can ask others who have submitted thru me - I don't gouge). I weigh the packages on my scale, and if it is below 16 ounces, it can go first class. Over 16 has to go Priority Mail. As far as determining values, I am a VCP member. I don't mind helping on a few, but don't have me looking up a whole bunch. We all know pretty much which cards are above and below $100. PSA is pretty lenient, but they don't want to see Hank Aaron/Mickey Mantle rookies on a bulk sub. Ebay complete listings should also give a good idea of value as well.

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