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Default Do you feel like we do.....

Posted By: runscott

too many board members keep their knowledge to themselves. I have started many threads that I was certain could be useful if the right people contributed, but in many cases they didn't. It was surprising at first, but now it doesn't surprise me at all to see all the wrong people contributing to a thread, when the true experts on the issue in question don't say a word - they seem to be using this board for marketing research.

One of the most disappointing was when I asked about stats for 19th century players - we have SO many experts in that area, but no one responded except Jay, and he didn't have an answer. I'm certain that if I were to write an article on the variances in statistics, that many of you would think I was an idiot because the information already exists - but if it does, you guys are keeping it to yourselves.

There have also been threads where I did not respond, knowing that several board members knew much more than I did about the subject, but then the thread would die with zero responses.

I'm sure one reason some people keep quite is because they don't want to get flamed by an idiot like "Anonymous Mike". Yet another reason why registration and cleaning up of garbage posts is a good idea.

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