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Default Do you feel like we do.....

Posted By: Aaron Michiel

(although I have to admit I enjoy the links to the latest outlandish scam on E-Bay--always good for a laugh).

I've been following the board for a few months now and am definitely curious about the collecting habits of the obviously passionate and advanced collectors that lurk or post often.

I would love to hear more posters tell stories of some of their more interesting hobby experiences and purchases. Even as simple as a "latest" purchase that someone is just excited they made.

I mean, seriously, chances are our friends, spouses and/or co-workers think we're nuts to spend so much time and money on pieces of cardboard or sweat-stained jerseys. This is the one place where we can definitely mingle with like-minded people who understand the madness.

Heck, not only understand it, but also get excited about it. I have a sports memorabilia display in my home office/den that I have meticulously built piece by piece over the last two and a half years. I love when I get the chance to show off my collection to guests only to inevitably realize they have no interest in the stuff and/or think I'm nuts. But to people around here, I know they understand the thrill I get from finally finding a long-sought after piece or putting the finishing touch on a collection or tracking down an incredible bargain under unusual circumstances.

There aren't too many places around where you'll find that kind of appreciation for vintage collectors such as ourselves.

So, anyway, I'd like to see more people share. Specifically:

1. How did you get into the hobby?
2. How have your colleting interests changed or matured over time?
3. What's your favorite piece?
4. What's your favorite purchase?
5. What's the best show/auction you've ever had?
6. How do you display your collection? (And share pictures!)
7. What your "the one that got away"? (I know we all have that one.)
8. What's the most elusive piece you've ever found (or have yet to find) and why?

I could continue with many more examples... I just think there are some great stories out there and this site could be considerably more interesting and entertaining given the wealth of experienced and knowledgeable collectors here. You all have my (and I'm sure many others following this site) undivided attention.

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