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Originally Posted by DJR View Post
I can no longer think of a reason for a buyer or seller use the eCheck option. I wonder how long until the gift option will be taken away next? According to, Paypal has changed the user agreement 172 times since June 10, 2009. (not including this change).

Amendment to the PayPal User Agreement
Effective Date: Jul 12, 2011

Purchase Payment Fee cap for Sellers who receive eCheck payments. If you are a Seller, your Purchase Payment Fees are set out in Section 8 (Fees). Currently, your Purchase Payment Fee for eCheck-funded payments is capped at a maximum of $5.00. After the effective date listed above, this $5.00 cap will no longer be applied. Your Fee for receiving eCheck-funded payments will continue to be calculated according to the rates set out in Section 8.
Wow, that really sucks.....
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