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Originally Posted by crose View Post
This is one of my favorite parts as well. I like to see if anybody hit the jackpot (hopefully me sometimes). I sent a bunch of 1963 commons and semi stars for my set. Got two 8’s that turned $5 cards into $50 maybe $100 cards. Hit one 7 that may be worth more than that, kinda hard to tell based on completed sales. Card #341 repair, if anybody is more knowledgeable on the set than I am.
Well...the last sale of that card was for $200 this time last year....and '8' sold for $700 this year. If it were MINE, I would be firm around $300-$400.....might take a bit to sell, but should eventually go.

Then again a '6' sold for under $20. The jumps on it are pretty outrageous.....Maybe BIN $250 and let it fly.

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