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Originally Posted by Scott L. View Post
So for 326 and 327 they are saying they are authentic but not altered yet they still won’t assign a numerical grade? I know next to nothing about reading a sub.
Yes, PSA has two types of miscut: the MC qualifier is for cards with part of the border/image cut off or part of another card showing.
However, PSA will not normally grade cards that are factory miscut with an irregular border/edge. These two have slightly wavy borders that they believe are factory cut, but since the cards are not rectangular, they did not get a number grade.
Normally PSA will return these irregularly cut cards back in their cardsaver, and not charge for the grading fee. But since I asked these to be slabbed if Authentic, they still gave them PSA AUTH because they are real cards. They could get grades from either BGS or SGC, or maybe from PSA in a different submission.
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