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Originally Posted by perezfan View Post
This little thing probably cost about a Quarter when it was made. It measures only about 2" square. It's kind of cool, and I must confess to being an under-bidder (albeit way down the chain). But the final price shocked the heck out of me.... $308 + change!

Also perplexing is the fact that the eBay listing has vanished. The eBay item # was 192547066311. It ended only yesterday, but has completely disappeared from the system. First time I have ever encountered this.

Here are a few questions/thoughts....

1. Are Mays/Giants Collectors really that desperate for something they haven't seen before?

2. How rare is it? Has anyone ever seen another? If so, is $308 a typical sale price?

3. Did they make these Banks for other players besides Mays? You would have to assume so.

4. Is it really even an original Willie Mays piece? Any Bozo could possibly have inserted that tiny photo of Mays (or Aaron or Ruth, or any Hollywood TV Celeb for that matter).

And has anyone ever seen a completed auction vanish a day later... even though the auction went full-term?
To the bold part, I have noticed this happening for a long time. If you have it bookmarked then you can go to it. It will show up in the completed sales but sometimes it does disappear for a day first.
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