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Default Tickets Collection

Im very curious to see what kind of tickets/stub collection you guys have. I just started new focus which is to collect Lew Burdette's win tickets as I pick up few on eBay this week. I learned that Burdette had serious loss of hearing during his playing days so he's my new focus lately. Would love to get all of his 4 WS win tickets along no hitter game.

I collect

Curtis Pride's Game Played Tickets (115/421)
Michael Cuddyer's Home Run Tickets (58/199)
Lew Burdette's Win Tickets (2/203)
1961 World Series Game 3 - Dummy Hoy threw the first pitch at Cincinnati, my goal to get every section from that game such as, Lower Box, Standing, Mezz and others. I believe there's 7 different as I have 3 so far. (3/7)
Deaf people who sign in American Sign Language for the national anthem before the game. (12)

What kind of tickets collection do you guys have?
Always buying Deaf Sports related, William Hoy, Luther Taylor, George Kihm, Dick Sipek, Curtis Pride, Carlton Molesworth, Lou Burdette, Gil McDougald, Ralph Lin Weber, Gallaudet University

1909 E-91A (8/33)
1993 Topps Finest Refractor (109/199)

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