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Default Easy scorecards

Gary I have always had interest in early scorecards. And over 40 years experience combined with an extensive search of auction databases tells me that scorecards from the 1870's are very scarce. Even when compared to examples from the 1880's . Examples from the East coast esp from Boston seem to be the most plentiful. I have seen examples from Chicago, Cincinnati Troy ( from National Assn.). Mort Rodgers examples with photographs are clearly the nicest of the era but early National Leauge scorecards from 1876 to 1879 are very difficult to acquire. I know there are a couple of board members that have some examples and hope they share them in this thread. Here are a couple of mine.
6/15/1878 Boston vs Indianapolis George Wright playing Shortstop.
June 1879 Boston vs Buffalo Put Galvin Pitching his first year in the National leauge
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