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Default Novice here

I'm a novice here and posted the thread in the wrong category. Spoke to Leon. My apologies gents. Didnt even know if the thread stayed so I did another in the correct place. I did speak to a few guys and made offers. If you were one, they are serious. Some look unbelievable. We consider these royalty in the hobby. Some I just didnt want to insult your intelligence with the offers because i knew they were either unaffordable or important to your collection. I know I wouldnt sell mine either. We "think" there are less than 12 total and only 5-7 HOFers left, Depending on the silent guys. But we do collect and buy often many of the New Oreans printed cards. We are pretty sure the Kottons / Peoples were printed in NY and distributed here only. I own a few of the larger printing facilities here and know that only certain ones were actually printed here. My great grandfather worked for the St. Charles business that printed, cut and distributed the Tango Eggs find. We love those, especially because so many people called the better cut finds reprints due to the glossy velum stocks, which are genuine and not reprints. Thank you for sharing the photos gents. Let us know if there is a specific sales price wanted on any you see or any here. Thanks again and I will start following this thread closer now that I see it is still here. Thanks Leon
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