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Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
Wow, talk about reading too much into my message. I said the show was weak. So I should quit the hobby now. OK. Sure. I think perhaps you are a little too close to the show and don't appreciate my opinion.

I saw precious few rare vintage cards for sale. Maybe you bought every one. Similar to what Leon said about Texas, I saw tens of thousands of refractor cards. Which I walked by like pretty much everyone else.
I find cards on ebay at 2 am in my pajamas that I would have to attend shows for the next 125 years to run into. That's the reality of the hobby right now. It's not good or bad in my mind, but it is what it is. I have no issue with on line purchases. The rare times I find a special card at a show its always ridiculously insanely overpriced. Book value $1900 asking $4500, that kind of silliness. But it is nice to talk to a few cool dealers. A guy at Hofstra, Asian guy around 40, was really knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk with. Sorry I didn't get his name/card. And always nice to see in person some of the nicer cards coming up in some of the upcoming big auction houses.
Not a complete waste of time. The size of that show was grossly inflated. That was my main point.

What hotel bar were you at? The Marriot nrer the Coliseum? And what does drinks with people from Australia at a hotel unaffiliated with the show have to do with the quality of a card show? And how was breakfast?
I'm going to side with Bigfish on this one. The show definitely had some nice available vintage including very nice T206s, Candy cards, Cracker Jacks and high grade 50/60s stars. Unfortunately, the attendance was light most likely due to both days being atypically 75 degrees and sunny (people wanting to partake in outside activities).
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