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Interesting summation. I have had much better luck buying raw and getting graded than cracking out and regrading.

Originally Posted by smallpaul2002 View Post
Well, I cracked some cards from various holders and submitted the cards "raw" to PSA and asked them to be graded with NO Qualifiers. I collect hockey cards so the results will likely vary to other sports. Generally speaking I'm pretty happy with the results but, there are definitely some discrepancies..without a doubt KSA cards are risky...Here are the results..

Cards submitted..1965 Topps Hockey

Toe Blake was Beckett 7 now PSA 8
Gump Worsley was SGC 7 now PSA 7
Jean Beliveau was KSA 8 now PSA 5
Billy Harris was "raw" now PSA 6.5
Glenn Hall was "raw" now PSA 5
Al MacNeil was Beckett 7 now PSA 6
Stan Mikita was SGC 8 now PSA 8
Ken Wharram was "raw" now PSA 8 (looked like a 9 to me)
Terry Harper was Becket 7 now PSA 5
Tim Horton was KSA 8 now PSA 7
Frank Mahovlich was Becket 7 now PSA 6
Phil Goyette was KSA 7 now PSA 6
Elmer vasko was "raw" now PSA 7
Phil Esposito was "raw" now PSA 4.5 (Card had great colour and centring, was looking for a grade between 5 or 6)

Last but not least #121 Checklist (unmarked and slightly off centre) was KSA 8 now PSA 5

The results speak for themselves, cracking out cards carries some risk, but finding a good "raw" card is likely the best route to go..KSA graded cards are definitely not worth "cracking out of their holders"..Do so at your own peril.
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