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Default coca cola metal pitcher

Posted By: Alan Elefson

I realize the one scanned below is fake/new, but I was wondering how to distinguish an original aside from digging it up yourself or having absolute provenance? I bought this piece assuming it to be new because of its patina and the fact that it was only a dollar (which is what I assume a new one to be "worth"). I ask this question because when I visited the Brimfield flea market recently a dealer had the exact one I had in the exact condition (priced at 200.00 of course - gotta love Brimfield). When I mentioned I believed it to be a newer issue, he said the newer ones did not have the Bottling info on the back. I am quite sure he was wrong (and said so at the time), but I was wondering if anyone might be able to post a "real" version of this piece. Also, any information you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.
Alan Elefson

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