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Originally Posted by oldjudge View Post
I think this is hilarious. Ten years ago very few people cared about these cards. All of a sudden someone calls it a rookie card and now people are tripping over themselves and apparently paying six figures for the card. Sometimes I think cards should come with warning labels.
Can't speak for the '25 Gehrig Exhibit card (wish I bought one when it was more affordable), but regarding the Bond Bread set...

Ten years ago, a renowned movie director with unlimited connections sought out these cards... and couldn't put together a complete set (He got 12 out of the 13). One of the biggest whales in the hobby spent 6 years during that time period trying to complete his first complete set. It is one of the few items he kept after selling much of his collection. It was only a matter of time before the card / set got noticed by "mainstream collectors."

I wish I had held onto the cards I sold.

Currently seeking Jackie Robinson cards

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