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Default Working vintage cards to today's youth wherever I can...

I'm a high school English teacher and I teach eleventh graders. We're beginning our literature unit on literature between 1880-1910. Whenever I begin a unit, I make a power point and lecture to them about what's going on in the US because that's usually from where authors get their inspiration.

Anyway, as I was making my power point, I worked in baseball and the fact that the National League started in 1876. I like to put pictures of the topics in my power point so today I included a photo of an 1869 Peck and Snyder of the Reds!

Unfortunately, my students weren't impressed. Oh well I tried. Thought I'd share.
Wanted: Low grade T-Cards, 48-49 Leaf Paige, 49 Bow. J. Robby, T206 Chase Pink Portrait, E-card Rebel Oakes, E95 Cicotte, anything Matty, 53 Bow. Reese, 19th C. and Dead-ball photos.
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