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Originally Posted by greco827 View Post
My aspirations, at least as a kid of about 8 with no financial sense, were far more modest. All I wanted was an '84 Topps Don Mattingly.
This post just reminded me about one card, although it's the exact opposite of a card I never thought I would get. When I was nine, I got a calendar with a picture of the Old Judge Buck Ewing & mascot card. At that time, I said I was going to get that card. Considering that I had been to many card shows and stores at that point and never saw an Old Judge card, it was quite a declaration on my part.

So it wasn't a card I thought I would never get, it just took about 17 years before I actually bought it. I'm sure if you told me when I was nine that it would cost me $400, I probably wouldn't have been so confident I'd get it one day.
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