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Default Remembering Dan Jacobsen

I attended the small Hofstra show today and learned of the passing of baseball card dealer Dan Jacobsen. Dan passed away June 1, 2017 at age 59. Dan was one of the kindest dealers I have ever met. I considered him a friend. Whenever I started a set, I always saw him first and always walked away with a mound of cards. When I was going for the 1964 Topps set, I left his table with a paper bag full of cards. When I was working on my 1972 Topps set, he filled in every high number in ex or better shape. IF he didn't have something, he would hook me up with someone who did. He was a fellow letter carrier for the U. S. Post Office and we had many conversations about "the job". Once when I was finishing up the 1956 set, I needed a Mantle. Dan didn't have one so he hooked me up with another dealer at the show, who also happened to a letter carrier too! We used to call each other at our homes and we would put odd ball cards aside for each other. He will be sorely missed and the hobby / industry has really lost a friend in Dan. Rest In Peace my friend.
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