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Default E94 Colors

Posted By: Bruce MacPherson

After collecting this set for the past few years, I am tempted to say that Red is the most common color followed by all others fairly equally. Though to me, Gold and Green are the colors I find to be the least common.

Player/color combination scarcity is a tougher call. In theory there should be no difference, but I am sure there are some tougher and easier combinations. Of the 6 or 7 Lajoie's I have seen in the last few years-at least 3 have been Gold (nice card by the way). And there was a Cobb thread a while back and no one could produce one of the colors (purple/blue?). Unfortunately, unlike some of the larger T sets, there may not be enough of these cards remaining to form too many concrete conclusions.

However, when I was studiously collecting the e98 set, there did appear to be card/color combinations that were easy and others that were near impossible to find. For instance, I saw more Red Cobbs than all other colors combined.

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