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Default Re: Amazing E95 Discovery

I don't own these pieces, but just to illustrate the connection between the E79s and E95s
and the E80's/E96s I'm posting these. To the far right of the E95 appears evidence
of a E79 back. To the far left of the E96 appears to be a E80 back. I believe these
show proof that both "series I" and "series II" sets were printed simultaneously. My
last post showing the blurb that the company was releasing ball players and prize fighters
lends strong evidence that E79/E95 or E80/E96 were distributed at the same time. The
Cobb and Jefferies were no doubt advertisement pieces promoting these up and coming sets.

I also just noticed the back of the E96 has the word "new" as does the short notice from
the periodical. Could the "new" sets being released have been referring to the E80/E96 sets?

Finally, the Philadelphia Caramel advertisement originally shown in the OP was used all
throughout 1910 and 1911 and may have been used prior as well. There is definitely more
research needed on this subject to pin down the exact time when the first sets of cards
were issued.
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