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Originally Posted by Rhotchkiss View Post
After finally locating the SC 360,25, I am now one back (AB 460) from completing a T206 back run of the Tinker Bat Off pose (I threw in a few T213s for good measure). It all started when i picked the Uzit up at auction and went from there. Thanks to Adam (who got me the Pied Fact 42 (real rare!!), Zach (who helped me with both this and my Evers Yellow Sky run), Mac (who sold me the SC 350, 25 -- surprisingly very tough to find), and Michael, Derek, Sean and many other Net54 members who have kept eyes out for me.

Now, who has my T206 Tinker Bat off AB 460???!!!!
Congratulation on the SC350/25 and good luck with the AB460.

Do you have or are you going after one of the factory 30 scraps?

these are not my cards
Tinker _bat off_ _1__1.jpg
Tinker _bat off_ Back _1__1.jpg
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