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I think the point is that for the most part a pass to either a major leauge park or parks. Required the pass holder to go to some form of ticket window. (Will call press gate etc.) And there he would receive his tickets / stubs. On a couple of occasions I was walked up to the Phillies will call desk by a former player who had a relationship with my workplace. There the person said step through the gate and handed me stubs for the seats we had ( right behind home plate with Philly wives etc.)
At current Yankee Stadium I often use a premium parking pass so I go in the gate that press and VIP's go in. There they give name and are handed tickets or lanyards so you know where your seats are.
The idea that a Pass good for all National leauge parks for 1938 was used to attend both of Vandemeer's no hit games is a stretch at best. And my e xperiance not my opinion tells me that.
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