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Originally Posted by minibatsman View Post
My 5 acres is 3 miles from the beach. were I make my living. I am on a dead end road. surrounded by a state park. you find my house your lost.
I pass the state game warden? coming and going. he is like 90. sometimes I stop just to see if he is still moving ..
I haven't locked a door to the house in 15 years. sit on the back porch drink my coffee and watch the deer. there pets the golf course feeds them. what is that you have planted wish my field looked like that.
All I did know about buzzards was they don't have feathers on there heads so they can easily get in and out of a carcass.
one other thing after 30 years they have decided to put a road through my living room. the state appraised the house a month ago. haven't got that yet.
Its not how much do you want . it is this is what its worth get out.
I would be heartbroken if the city wanted to put a road through my house. I am a believer in not allowing eminent domain to happen. If you own something no one, or the govt., should be able to take it. Just my half cent....LL
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