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Originally Posted by Brian View Post
I cannot speak about this card, but I can say some (positive) things about the original incarnation of GAI.

When I first started collecting pre-war, I had a bunch of cards graded by GAI (over a decade ago). These were mostly Cracker Jacks, and all I wanted was the protection afforded by a holder. I really wasn't into grading or looking at grading companies under the microscope because I am a collector and had no intention of selling.

My cards were very stringently graded by someone there (I think his name was Baker?), and in fact, I thought they were very conservatively graded. So I took a handful of them over to SGC just for fun.

3 out of 6 actually graded higher than the GAI grade, one did not cross over to a higher grade, and 2 out of 6 remained at the same grade.

So I think that it is a mistake to assume that because it is in a GAI holder, it must have been "messed with." If fact, good deals can be had for this very same reason. Just my opinion.
B.rian D.ynlacht
well said. your opinion is held by the majority of collectors if iím not mistaking.
R0nnie L3hman
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