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Jay, unfortunately your rose colored glasses are getting in your way of good senses. Maybe it's your thumb in the picture again? Many would disagree with you, me included. I would say lhat SGC gets similar scrutiny and they do advertise (and grade vintage far better than PSA, imo). And I should mention that all grading companies, including SGC, make mistakes as humans are grading the cards. Personally, I think they made a mistake on the Yum Yum I have. But they are still better than PSA, to me.

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Peter-Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story. PSA does a great job. I use them and am extremely happy with their service. Do they misgrade a card once in a while-sure. This is not perfection, but it is a whole lot better than what we had before them. If they were an advertiser they would get a lot more love.
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