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Originally Posted by wonkaticket View Post
Reg, the corners were rebuilt and a spot of blue to the left of Planks head was carefully painted in dot by dot by a restoration company. Scott different Plank than mine, that Plank is a Piedmont 150 one of the 3 or so known.

If I count extras I can add another 300+ cards. Here are some of the PSA examples in my set....I do this only bum Sloate out I know he was getting tired of T206's on the board.
John, I love the way you've paid such careful attention to color, registration and white borders. They all look great.

I had no idea a restorer had gotten hold of a T206 Plank. Personally, I have no problem at all with restoration - it's considered an improvement in almost every other collecting environment - it's just the ambiguous 'AUTH' that troubles me. Your Plank looks great. I was just messing around with the Plank comment - is there really a companion to the Gretzky Wagner that was done in the same timeframe?
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