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The selection of players is fantastic despite the lack of any real Hall of Famers. Okay, so my gut feeling tis that Goudey was on the financial slide after 1936 and especially 1939 onward. I haven't been able to find the printing company yet, but I doubt it was the U.S. Litho Co. I'm pretty sure it was still a Boston-based printer, probably on Washington St, being printer's row near Chinatown. There was at last 6 companies on that street that were not household names and about a dozen more though out Boston.

America didn't enter the War when these were being issued, so paper and ink rationing wouldn't be the reason for the crappy factory cuts. Those factory cuts couldn't have been made by an experienced printer -no way! It's particularly why I think it was from a first-time small print company -and I also don't think these cards were issued outside Massachusetts because of 1) no copyright and 2) lack of distribution and 3) financial stability of the company.
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