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Jeff, Pied. 350 Tubby ......................

Few back up grades:

Two Sov. 350 ---> 150
Two Date Stamp HOFs


Two "toughies." Cycle Sweeney is a card that has eluded me for a long time......

McLean only non-Pied/SC backs are Carolina Brights (out of my range), EPDG, PB, and Tolstoi. I was discussing my back upgrade wish list with my friend Luke. We agreed that McLean is probably one of the hardest, and I figured my PB (which is pretty tough anyway) would be fine .........

A few days later I was sitting on my front porch (next to collecting T206, it's my other hobby ) watching the azaleas bloom. My mail man scans, and hands me a package; not expecting anything. See it's form Luke, open, and inside is the Tolstoi McLean !!!!!! (Oh, btw, Luke refused any compensation, just reconfirming for the n'th time, what a great guy his is )

Fun, Fun, Scott
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