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Originally Posted by swarmee View Post
I'd say the biggest reason the vast majority of sets don't have photos added is because they added that functionality within the last few years (and the album addition three years ago) and that many of these sets may be static: basically unchanged for 10 years. People are lazy. I think it's more that they don't want to waste the time scanning and uploading cards rather than they want to protect insider information.

It's actually pretty easy to be #1 in a set in order to get the "award". Just have PSA create one for you. I've had them create about 10, not for the award. Enter the first card, and you're the #1 in the set. You just have to have five cards to qualify.

I don't disagree but if your set is private you obviously can't post pics and I believe most that are private are trying to protect themselves from others knowing what they own.

I am someone who has built high grade registry sets and can speak from experience that there could be some rational to keeping them private I just choose to share mine and add pics because I enjoy it.

As far as anyone loosing sleep over what their registry count is I think it is doubtful and probably more people took it seriously to get the prizes. I zoomed mine up to 2,000 an hour or so after they launched it and that was it.

I just was indicating that one of the medals that is part of it is being number one in a set and I certainly take that seriously for the sets I focus on. Having one of my wrestling sets win an award in 2013 was a big deal to me and some may think it's stupid and others may think it's cool but if no one took it seriously the registry would have died along time ago and it is stronger than ever.

This gentlemen Charles Merkel is in many ways responsible for collectors changing their focus and actually collecting the bums in high grade. I don't know one person growing up that would have given two sh++'s about a common just because it looked perfect.

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