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Originally Posted by clydepepper View Post it's entirety, still gives me goose bumps:

“It is played everywhere. In parks and playgrounds and prison yards. In back alleys and farmers' fields. By small children and old men. Raw amateurs and millionaire professionals. It is a leisurely game that demands blinding speed. The only game in which the defense has the ball. It follows the seasons, beginning each year with the fond expectancy of springtime, and ending with the hard facts of autumn. It is a haunted game, in which every player is measured against the ghosts of all who have gone before. Most of all, it is about time and timelessness. Speed and grace. Failure and loss. Imperishable hope. And coming home.” - John Chancellor, Narrator in Ken Burns’ ‘Baseball’

This is amazing. Actually took a picture of it to have it. Thanks for sharing.

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