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Originally Posted by forazzurri2axz View Post
Big shout out of thanks to Rob Kasenter and all the bidders, (especially Raymond Culpepper who also lives here in Ga). Tomorrow do a 5 hour round trip and take 2 doggies recently liberated to Augusta Ga. That's where we hook up with a transport taking about 20+ dogs up north, as far as Vermont. Most of these Ga dogs go from a danger list (euthed) to a forever family within about a month or two.
Will be sending more pics to Leon today--hope y'all enjoy seeing them !!

Bill Latzko, on the way towards 150 saved

Leon--I put this as part of Rob's post as well; didn't know where to post

Bill- we have an Animal SOS that carried similar groups of dogs hundreds of miles north...Ohio, Illinois, etc. to save them.

Tonight they are headed out with about 40 dogs...which is about par for them. SOS office is mere yards from my property, so, when I hear a whole lot of barking, I know they're preparing for another trip.

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