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Default T206 REFERENCE / Reflections, etc.....CYCLE 460 checklist.....and show us your cards.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * T206 Reference, Theory's, Surveys, etc. * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The CYCLE 460 cards depict players in the 350/460 series and the 460-only series, which comprise a total of 109 subjects. These cards were issued circa Fall/Winter 1910.
The CYCLE 460 cards were not equally printed. There are some considerably more difficult to find than others. I'll post a breakdown of the tougher ones vs the easier ones in
a forthcoming post. I have to do some searching for all my data on the relative scarcity of these T206's with CYCLE 460 backs.

If I recall correctly, Lee Behrens has completed this 109 card sub-set. I'm curious if anyone else on this forum has completed (or near to completing) the CYCLE 460 sub-set ?

In any event, let's have a show-n-tell of your CYCLE 460 cards. CYCLE 460 cards do not get the recognition that most tougher T206 backs do; nonetheless, they can be scarce.

350/460 Series....................63 subjects

Ames (hands over head)
Bender (no trees)
Bradley (bat)
M. Brown (Chicago)
Burch (fielding)
Chance (yellow portrait)
Chase (blue portrait)
Chase (dark cap)
Cobb (red portrait)
Cobb (bat off)
Conroy (bat)
Crawford (bat)
Davis (A's)
Donlin (bat)
Doolan (batting)
Dougherty (arm in air)
Downey (batting)
L. Doyle (bat)

Elberfeld (Washington-fielding)
Evers (bat-yellow sky)
Griffith (bat)
Jennings (one hand)
Jennings (two hands)
Johnson (hands at chest)
Jordan (batting)
Joss (pitching)
Kleinow (Boston)
Konetchy (glove low)
Lajoie (bat)
Lake (no ball)
Leach (cap)
Leifield (bat)
Magee (bat)
Manning (pitching)
Mathewson (dark cap)
McIntyre (Brooklyn & Chicago)
McQuillan (bat)
Mullin (bat)

Murphy (bat)
O'Leary (hands on knees)
Overall (yellow sky)
Pelty (vertical)
Pfeister (throwing)
Reulbach (no glove)
Rucker (throwing)
Seymour (throwing)
F. Smith (Chicago & Boston)
Snodgrass (catching)
Stahl (glove)
Steinfeldt (bat)
Street (catching)
Sweeney (fielding)
Tinker (bat off shoulder)
Wagner (bat on right)
Doc White (pitching)
Wilhelm (bat)
Willis (bat)

Willis (throwing)
Wiltse (pitching)
CYoung (glove)


460-only Series....................46 confirmed cards

Abbaticcio (blue sleeve)
Ball (Cleveland)
Bell (follow thru)
Bergen (catching)
Bescher (arms over head)
Bridwell (portrait-cap)
Camnitz (arms up)
Camnitz (arms over head)
Chance (batting)
Chase (trophy)
Crandall (cap)
Doyle (portrait)
Herzog (Boston)
Howell (hands at waist)

Lake (ball-St Louis)
Marquard (follow thru)
McGraw (portrait-cap)
McGraw (glove at hip)
Merkle (throwing)
Meyers (portrait)
Murray (portrait)
Oldring (batting)
Overall (blue sky)
Schaefer (Washington)
Schlei (portrait)
Schlei (batting)
Schulte (back view)
Seymour (portrait)
Sheckard (glove)

Smith (Brooklyn)
Stovall (bat)
Tannehill (Chicago)
Tinker (bat on shoulder)
Wiltse (portrait-cap)


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