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Originally Posted by tedzan View Post
Hi Pat

1st....the ones you pointed out which I omitted.....
If you check-out my recent thread (shown below), you will see that I did list 3 of the subjects as confirmed TOLSTOI cards.
I was combining data from several TOLSTOI lists in my records, and I inadvertently left out part of one. My bad !

Excerpt from my "Interesting NO-PRINT group of T206 Carolina Brights - EPDG - Old Mill - Polar Bear" thread.....


Knight (portrait
Knight (bat)
Pfeister (seated)

I will double-check the data on my lists of TOLSTOI cards to see why I included any, or all 7 of these as "confirmed" TOLSTOI cards.

3rd....Regarding the Bender (trees) with TOLSTOI, I vaguely recall having seen one many years ago. I checked the pop reports (and
like you said) I noticed PSA lists one graded. So I figured my recollection was valid.

Thanks for your inputs.


T206 Reference

Ted, I saw that most of these were on your other lists so I knew you just
forgot to put them on this list I was just pointing them out so you could
update this list.

I'm still a little skeptical about the Bender. There are a few single known
example Tolstoi's but Bender is the only HOF and we have seen other
errant confirmations due to a pop error. if you look at the other
350 only HOF pop numbers it seems odd that there isn't a recorded
sale or scan.

Combined pop #'s of the other HOF 350 only Tolstoi's

Beckley - 17
Bresnahan - 12
Collins, Eddie - 6
Collins, Jimmy - 12
Huggins (hands at mouth) - 12
Huggins (portrait) - 6
Kelley - 3
Marquard (Port) - 4 *SGC has 9 in their pop report that doesn't specify pitching or portrait.
McGinnity - 6
Speaker - 11
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