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Originally Posted by Babe3Ruth3 View Post
It's too bad top card graders like PSA and SGC don't insert an anti-theft tag like they use at stores or a GPS chip, especially on higher value graded cards. The tag could be activated while at a card show, so if the card goes beyond a predetermined radius a very loud siren would go off and maybe set it up with the show that cameras would focus on this area, maybe restrict people from exiting till the card is found too. With the new technology, it should be possible for the owner to enable a GPS tracking system or at least a tag in the cardholder if the high-value card is stolen.

I called both PSA and SGC and brought up the idea, with SGC giving me an E-mail address to pass on this to someone higher up.

Sorry but this would be a HUGE invasion of privacy. I don't want someone at SGC knowing where my cards are located at all times. In fact, I would think that would invite more theft than it would deter, as I'm sure TPG's wouldn't invest in the necessary technology to protect a network that would contain the locations of millions of dollars in cards.

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