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Originally Posted by Ronnie73 View Post
Those are some nice AB460 numbers Ted. This back is probably the least back in my collection along with everything after that like Hindu, CB's, etc. I did have 11 but now down to 10. I traded a friend an ungraded (poor) Murray Portrait for an Al Shaw Piedmont 350 PSA 2. I only had $100 invested so I did pretty good. My AB350 set is coming along and I will most likely complete that before the with frames and the 460's.

Ted, have you ever thought of going after an Old Mill set? I think that would be right up there compared to a Hindu or CB back set. Big set and lots of low pop's. I just add one here and there and try not to focus on it because of the real difficulty. I'm a 141 plus all SL'ers. Out of that, between 30-40 print group one's.

Hi Ron

The OLD MILL's don't excite me....except for the Exclusive 12 cards with OLD MILL backs. As you know, these OLD MILL's are very difficult to find.
But, I enjoy this challenge. Recently, I started looking for them, and I have only 4 of them......


Not too pretty; however, I'll take them any way that I can find them

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