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Originally Posted by ronniehatesjazz View Post
I can thankfully say I believe you’re wrong on this Neal. I’m 32 and amazed at how people in the 25-35 year old range are getting back into it. There seems to be a common theme I’ve noticed. Kids who collected in the late 80’s through early 00’s first get lured back in with high end boxes and breaks (tribute, museum, et cetera), then start buying the vintage cards they wanted as kids but could never afford. It’s never going to be like the 80’s again with virtually every boy in the country ripping packs of 88 donruss and fleer but I actually think the demand for vintage and high end modern items is going to greatly surpass everyone’s expectations (or should I say hopes?).

As for cards of the year, again the Frank Robinson rookie as well as early Jackie and Willie cards. Amazingly undervalued IMO.
I would hardly call a 25-35 year old that is getting back into the hobby a kid ... that is the age that I got back into the hobby, probably like many of us.
I'm talking about 8-12 year olds, which is how old we were when we started - gotta start to get back in. Packs are too expensive and they didn't have snapchat when we were young.

Of course there are exceptions I guess ...

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