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What a coincidence: just yesterday Jaime asked me to post my Merkle run, and now Ted wants a back run post. So here goes...
The Lenox Brown is one of one;
The Coupon Type-3 Factory 8 overprint is not in the pop reports, so perhaps one of one;
The Pirate is one of two. The other is owned by Richard Masson in his Pirate master set;
The first one that I got was the Uzit on eBay in 2004. The bid was $1,000, so I bid the minimum increase, $1,025. I couldn't believe no one topped my bid. It was a raw card at the time. It was also my first truly rare back.
I bought the Piedmont on eBay when I decided to do a back run. It was a poor card from a poor scan. When it arrived I found that it was a Factory 42.
I am missing only a T215 Red Cross, so if anyone knows of one......
scan0019.jpg scan0020.jpg
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