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Originally Posted by MikeGarcia View Post

...these are "Wide Pens"- R314 Goudey Premiums from the 1937 Type 5 issue of mostly Canadian players but also with about a dozen or so Detroit Tigers from South of the border (but barely so) ....the upgrade is quite a bit faded , and the original is somewhat darkened , undoubtedly from questionable storage practices over the last 80 years.....the true standard normal coloration is a dullish tan/amber matte finish , ; picture something about halfway between these two garish examples....
..Charles Gehringer appears in the types 1 (1936) , 4 , and 5 (both 1937)......Hank Greenberg is the only player to appear in all five versions.....took forever to put together that little mini-master set...

Technically, Detroit is north of the border.
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