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Originally Posted by Stampsfan View Post
I am no expert, but I am in the middle of doing research. I want to put mine in the basement. The salesman told me to put the safe against an outside wall, in my case against the foundation in the basement. This is because fire and smoke will apparently navigate to the middle of a room first, and the walls will have less of it.

My research into this consists of one person, though, the dude who is selling me the safe.
Just remember. . . .the typical homeowners policy excludes flood damage and the typical flood policy as far as I know excludes everything below ground. . .except the mechanicals. After Sandy I looked at my flood policy for the first time. Mine replaced boiler, furnace, washer, dryer. . .and absolutely nothing else. Don't think the insurance company will be particularly moved about your card collection you stored below ground.

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